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Experimental visual Go environment

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"SHENZHEN GO" (working title)

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| :warning: WARNING: This repository is currently unmaintained, and the project is not being worked on. | | --- |

SHENZHEN GO (working title) is an experimental visual Go environment, inspired by programming puzzle games such as TIS-100 and SHENZHEN I/O.

SHENZHEN GO provides a UI for editing a "graph," where the nodes are goroutines and the arrows are channel reads and writes. (This is analogous to multiple "microcontrollers" communicating electrically in a circuit.) It can also convert a graph into pure Go source code, which can be compiled and run, or used as a library in a regular Go program.

SHENZHEN GO was unveiled at the 2017 Open Source & Games Miniconf.


Example Graph

Getting started

See the getting-started guides at

...for the impatient gopher

Choose one of:

git clone && cd shenzhen-go && go install
git clone && cd shenzhen-go && go install -tags webview
go get -u
go get -u -tags webview


This is not an official Google product.

This is an experimental project - expect plenty of rough edges and bugs, and no support.

For discussions, there is a Google Group and a Slack channel.


This project wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without the following:

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