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Coding with Chrome is an Educational Development Environment built around two core philosophies:

  1. Offer a stand-alone, offline app experience which allows people anywhere to learn how to build useful computer programs:
    • A basic IDE able to support real programming work
    • A tutorial system that poses a challenge, checks the solution and provides feedback.
  2. Allow educators to put together a custom curriculum made up of various components like:
    • input languages (blockly, javascript, coffeescript)
    • output modules (turtle graphics, javascript output, connected robots)
    • Flexible UI where elements can be easily added, modified or removed
    • Tutorial engine for self-learning


Apache License, Version 2.0 see

Install Coding with Chrome

If you only want to install Coding with Chrome, you could use the pre-compiled versions.

Chrome App version

To install the Chrome App version:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click Add to Chrome
  3. Go to chrome://apps or use the "Overview" ○ Launcher
  4. Launch Coding with Chrome

Mac OS and Windows version (alpha)

To install the Mac OS and/or Windows binary version:

  1. Visit the Release Page and look for the latest entry
  2. Download and extract the corresponding .zip file for your platform
  3. Go into the extracted folder and launch Coding with Chrome(.app/.exe)

Build the Coding with Chrome App

If you want to build the latest Coding with Chrome App from the source code, please check the build instructions.

Supported hardware and system

Supported hardware

Computers and Laptops with Chrome OS or any OS which is able to run the Desktop Chrome Browser are supported. For additional features Bluetooth and/or USB are required.

Supported systems

The following operating systems are supported by Coding with Chrome:

  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS
  • Windows OS
  • Linux (without Bluetooth support / USB supported)

Supported robots

The following robots are supported, out of the box by Coding with Chrome:

  • EV3
  • Sphero 2.0
  • Sphero SPRK+
  • mBot (firmware >= 06.01.104)
  • mBot Ranger (firmware >= 09.01.001)

Report Issues

For any issues or feature requests, we would really appreciate it if you report them using our issue tracker.


Contributing to Coding with Chrome is subject to the guidelines in the file, which, in brief, requires that contributors sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

For more information about develop for Coding with Chrome, please check doc/


For translation instruction, please check doc/


Coding with Chrome is made possible by other open source software.

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