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Multi-platform ACL generation system

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Capirca is a tool designed to utilize common definitions of networks, services and high-level policy files to facilitate the development and manipulation of network access control lists (ACLs) for various platforms. It was developed by Google for internal use, and is now open source.

To install the dev environment in machines that support bash files, run the

script provided.
$ dev-install

Configuring Capirca with YAML files


can be configured with one or more yaml files. These files will be prioritized from left to right, meaning any duplicate configurations will be overriden, not merged.

Command line flags can still be used when running

with configuration files, and are treated as higher priority than configuration files.

The default capirca configurations for

can be expressed in a YAML file as follows:
base_directory: ./policies
definitions_directory: ./def
output_directory: ./
optimize: false
recursive: true
debug: false
verbose: false
  - def
max_renderers: 10
shade_check: true
exp_info: 2


Capirca has a channel on the NetworkToCode slack.

Running with Docker

If your usecase is to just use the CLI and you don't want to go through the process of installing Capirca, you can use the dockerized version. Just pipe your CLI arguments onto the container instead and mount your working directory to the

directory of the container!


$ docker run -v "${PWD}:/data"

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