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GUI and command-line utility for converting audiobooks to m4b format

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= Command line utility: abbinder As of 1.18 it's part of main bundler. Path to the utility is:

== Usage abbinder [-hsv] [-c 1|2] [-r samplerate] [-a author] [-t title] [-i filelist] outfile [@chapter[email protected] infile @chapter[email protected] ...] -a author set book author -c 1|2 number of channels in audiobook. Default: 2 -C file.png cover image -e alias for -E '' -E template make each file a chapter with name defined by template %N - chapter number %a - artis (obtained from source file) %t - title (obtained from source file) -h show this message -i file get input files list from file, "-" for standard input -q quiet mode (no output) -r rate sample rate of audiobook. Default: 44100 -s skip errors and go on with conversion -t title set book title -v print some info on files being converted

Attributes for -a and -t arguments (author and title) should be in UTF8. Only jpeg and png are supported as cover page format. Valid sample rate values: 8000, 11025, 12000, 16000, 22050, 24000, 32000, 44100, 48000

Chapters could be set either by chapter markers in file list or by treating each source file as a chapter. In former case chapter name is provided by user and should be enclosed in '@' characters to distinguish it from file names. e.g.: abbinder book.m4b '@Chapter [email protected]' track01.mp3 '@Chapter [email protected]' track02.mp3

Chapter names in the latter case are generated for each input file and may contain some escaped sequences that would be expanded when creating a chapter. Template is provided as argument for -E switch. Available sequences: %N - number of chapter, starts from 1 %a - value of 'artist' tag from source file %t - value of 'title' tag from source file

So previous example could be rewritten like: abbinder -E 'Chapter %N' track01.mp3 track02.mp3

== Examples

Convert one file to m4b bash$ abbinder book.m4b myfile.mp3

Convert several files to mono m4b with sample rate 8000 bash$ abbinder -r 8000 -c 1 book.m4b myfile.mp3 myfile2.mp3

Convert all mp3 files in directory and set author, title and cover image bash$ find ./dir -name '*mp3' > list bash$ abbinder -i list -a Author -t Title -C ~/cover.png out.m4b

Convert three-chapter book with explicit chapter names: bash$ abbinder book.m4b '@The very [email protected]' 01.mp3 \ '@In the middle of [email protected]' 02.mp3 \ '@Ashes to ashes and dust to [email protected]' 03.mp3

Convert several short-stories files and make each of them a chapter bash$ abbinder -E '%t' story01.mp3 story02.mp3 story03.mp3

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