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9t is multi-file tailer by golang

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9t (nine-tailed fox in Japanese) is a multi-file tailer (like

tail -f a.log b.log ...


$ 9t file1 [file2 ...]



  1. Preparation for demo

    $ yukari() { echo '世界一かわいいよ!!' }
    $ while :; do       yukari >> tamura-yukari.log ; sleep 0.2 ; done
    $ while :; do echo $RANDOM >> random.log        ; sleep 3   ; done
    $ while :; do         date >>      d.log        ; sleep 1   ; done
  2. Run

    $ 9t tamura-yukari.log random.log d.log


$ go get github.com/gongo/9t/cmd/9t


So far, Multiple file display can be even

tail -f


But, I wanted to see in a similar format as the

heroku logs --tail
app[web.1]: foo bar baz
app[worker.1]: pizza pizza
app[web.1]: foo bar baz
app[web.2]: just do eat..soso..


MIT License

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