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Aspect Oriented Programming For Golang

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Aspect Oriented Programming For Golang

current version is in alpha, welcome to submit your ideas (api is not stable current version)

Basic Usage

define struct

type Auth struct {

func (p *Auth) Login(userName, password string) bool { if userName == "zeal" && password == "gogap" { return true } return false }

// use join point to get Args from real method func (p *Auth) Before(jp aop.JoinPointer) { username := "" jp.Args().MapTo(func(u, p string) { username = u })

fmt.Printf("Before Login: %s\n", username)


// the args is same as Login func (p *Auth) After(username, password string) { fmt.Printf("After Login: %s %s\n", username, password) }

// use join point to around the real func of login func (p *Auth) Around(pjp aop.ProceedingJoinPointer) { fmt.Println("@Begin Around")

ret := pjp.Proceed("fakeName", "fakePassword")
ret.MapTo(func(loginResult bool) {
    fmt.Println("@Proceed Result is", loginResult)

fmt.Println("@End Around")


In this case, we want call

func before
, and
func after

In general, we will do it like as following

func (p *Auth) Login(userName string, password string) bool {
    p.Before(userName, password)
    defer p.After(userName, password)

if userName == "zeal" && password == "gogap" {
    return true
return false


So, if we have more funcs to call before and after, it will pollution the real logic func

, we want a proxy help us to invoke

That was what AOP does.

Step 1: Define Beans factory

beanFactory := aop.NewClassicBeanFactory()
beanFactory.RegisterBean("auth", new(Auth))

Step 2: Define Aspect

aspect := aop.NewAspect("aspect_1", "auth")

Step 3: Define Pointcut

pointcut := aop.NewPointcut("pointcut_1").Execution(`Login()`)

Step 4: Add Advice

aspect.AddAdvice(&aop.Advice{Ordering: aop.Before, Method: "Before", PointcutRefID: "pointcut_1"})
aspect.AddAdvice(&aop.Advice{Ordering: aop.After, Method: "After", PointcutRefID: "pointcut_1"})
aspect.AddAdvice(&aop.Advice{Ordering: aop.Around, Method: "Around", PointcutRefID: "pointcut_1"})

Step 5: Create AOP

gogapAop := aop.NewAOP()

Setp 6: Get Proxy

proxy, err := gogapAop.GetProxy("auth")

Last Step: Enjoy

login := proxy.Method(new(Auth).Login).(func(string, string) bool)("zeal", "gogap")

fmt.Println("login result:", login)


$> go run main.go
Before Login: zeal
After Login: zeal gogap
Login result: true


Pointcut expression

every condition expression is regex expression

pointcut := aop.NewPointcut("pointcut_1")

// will trigger the advice while call login pointcut.Execution(Login())

// will trigger the advice will call any func pointcut.Execution(.*?)

// will not trigger the advice will call any func pointcut.NotExecution(Login())

other conditions:
  • WithIn
  • NotWithIn
  • Bean
  • NotBean
// will trigger the advie while we call Login 
// and in bean named auth

// will trigger the advie while we call Login // and in bean named auth and sysAuth pointcut.Execution(Login()).Bean(auth).Bean(sysAuth)

// will trigger the advie while we call Login // and in bean named auth not sysAuth pointcut.Execution(Login()).Bean(auth).NotBean(sysAuth)

// will trigger the advie while we call Login // and the call stacktrace should contain example/aop/main pointcut.Execution(Login()).WithIn(example/aop/main)

Do not want to assertion func type

proxy.Invoke(new(Auth).Login, "zeal", "errorpassword").End(
        func(result bool) {
            login = result

Weaving other beans into aspect

define a bean
type Foo struct {

// @AfterReturning, the method could have args of aop.Result, // it will get the result from real func return values func (p *Foo) Bar(result aop.Result) { result.MapTo(func(v bool) { fmt.Println("Bar Bar Bar .... Result is:", v) }) }

register bean
beanFactory.RegisterBean("foo", new(Foo))
create aspect
aspectFoo := aop.NewAspect("aspect_2", "foo")
add advice
aspectFoo.AddAdvice(&aop.Advice{Ordering: aop.AfterReturning, Method: "Bar", PointcutRefID: "pointcut_1"})
add aspect into aop


Before Login: zeal
Bar Bar Bar .... Result is: true
After Login: zeal gogap
Login result: true

Turn on trace for debug

err := aop.StartTrace()

.... // use proxy to call your funcs

t, err := aop.StopTrace()

for _, item := range t.Items() { fmt.Println(item.ID, item.InvokeID, item.BeanRefID, item.Pointcut, item.Method) }

$> go run main.go
go run main.go
==========Func Type Assertion==========
Before Login: zeal
@Begin Around
@Login fakeName fakePassword
@Proceed Result is false
@End Around
After Login: zeal gogap
Login result: false
Before Login: zeal
@Begin Around
@Login fakeName fakePassword
@Proceed Result is false
@End Around
After Login: zeal errorpassword
Login result: false
1 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0h0 auth main.(Auth).Login Before
2 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0h0 auth main.(Auth).Login Around
3 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0h0 auth main.(Auth).Login *Login
4 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0h0 foo main.(Auth).Login Bar
5 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0h0 auth main.(Auth).Login After
6 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0hg auth main.(Auth).Login Before
7 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0hg auth main.(Auth).Login Around
8 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0hg auth main.(Auth).Login *Login
9 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0hg foo main.(Auth).Login Bar
10 aqpk3jjhssa5ul6pt0hg auth main.(Auth).Login After


means the real func in this call

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