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A Git plugin for the Godot Editor based on GDNative for Godot's VCS integration

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GDNative Based Git Plugin for Godot Version Control Editor Plugin

Git implementation of the Godot Engine VCS interface in Godot. We use libgit2 as our backend to simulate Git in code.

Planned for the upcoming version of Godot. Look for other branches for support in other Godot releases.

Installation Instructions

  1. Grab the platform binaries here:
  2. Then read the installation instructions:

Build Instructions


Required build tools:


MSVC is our recommended compiler for Windows

  1. Load the x64 command prompt:
    x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 20XX
  2. Run
    build_libs.bat Release
  3. Run
    scons platform=windows target=release


G++ is our recommended compiler for Linux

  1. Prepare script for execution:
    chmod 755
  2. Run
    . ./ Release
  3. Run
    scons platform=x11 target=release


G++ and Clang++ are our recommended compilers for MacOS

  1. Prepare script for execution:
    chmod 755
  2. Run
    . ./ Release
  3. Run
    scons platform=osx target=release

Debug build


in the above instructions for a debug build. You will also have to do the same in the paths mentioned in
before opening the demo project in Godot.

Bleeding Edge Builds

This section onwards is only meant to be used by developers.

Most of the times when new featured are being worked on for the Godot VCS Integration, this requires us to make changes in Godot along with this plugin. Thus, this means we need to manually generate the GDNative API from these newer Godot builds and then use them with godot-cpp.

  1. Generate
    from Godot executable:
    godot --gdnative-generate-json-api api.json
  2. Change directory to
    cd godot-cpp
  3. Build the C++ bindings:
    scons platform= target= generate_bindings=yes bits=64 use_custom_api_file=yes custom_api_file= -j 
  4. Change directory up one level:
    cd ..
  5. Build the plugin as usual:
    scons platform= target=

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