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[3DS] Pokémon Homebrew Bank

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Pokémon Homebrew Bank​

PHBank is a homebrew which allows to manage a local bank for XY and ORAS Pokémon games, just like the Pokébank, but as a free offline service. This homebrew is not intended to cheat (not even cloning). It's just a storage solution.

The source code is available under the GPLv3 license on github, and the resources are available on github too.

What this Homebrew can do:

  • Work on o3ds and n3ds!
  • Navigate through the PC boxes of a XY/ORAS save and the Bank boxes.
  • Display a more specific resume per Pokémon (like IVs/EVs).
  • Select one Pokémon (with stylus or buttons) and move it to another slot/box.
  • Select some Pokémon (with buttons) and move them to another box.
  • Swap an entire box content to another one (pc <-> bank).
  • Autocomplete the Pokédex when importing Pokémon to a gamesave.
  • Prompt a dialog to save/exit/backup during the homebrew execution.
  • Export/Import the savedata directly to/from the game, without the need of external tools (/main).
  • Load/Save the bankdata to/from the bank, located in the SD card (/pk/bank/bank).

How to install it:

  • Just extract the archive at (to?) the root of your SD card.
  • It must contains:
  • The homebrew files /3ds/PHBank/[PHBankFiles].
  • The cia installer in /cia/PHBank.cia
  • The data files /pk/[DataFiles].

How to import from <= [v1.1.4-beta-a]:

  • Install PHBank normally, see above.
  • Copy the bank file from /pkbank/bank to /pk/bank/bank.
  • You can delete the /pkbank/ folder.



  • DPad/CPad: Move the cursor inbox, change box, change pc/bank.
  • L/R: Change the current box.
  • LZ/RZ: Switch from PC to Bank and vice versa (can be done with Pad and/or stylus too).
  • Start: Open the savexit menu, for exiting or backing up.
  • Select: Switch the selection mode (Single -> Quick -> Multiple).


  • Move the cursor inbox.
  • Change the current box.
  • Switch PC/Bank.
  • Drag & Drop Pokémon.
  • Change the selection mode.

In Single selection mode (Red):

  • A: Select Pokémon / Move Pokémon if one is already selected.
  • B: Cancel selection. ### In Quick selection mdoe (Blue):
  • A: Select Pokémon / Move Pokémon if one is already selected.
  • B: Cancel selection.
  • Y: Swap the current PC box content with the current Bank box content.

In Multiple selection mdoe (Blue):

  • Y: Activate the box selector (TODO: transform it as a button on screen).

Todo List

  • Wonder box ;)
  • Display more specific information per Pokémon (Tabs for contest/met/etc).
  • Enhance more the GUI.
  • When moving Pokémon with the DPad/A, switch the held Pokémon.

Nota Bene

I only tested this homebrew with Pokémon Alpha Sapphire on a cartridge on a n3ds. Not cheat, no kidding.


Thanks to suloku for all his work on the project.

Thanks to Kaphotics & Asia81 (and PKHex's contributors) for the save functions (offset, algorithms) and the data (personal, text).

Thanks to Slashcash & Stracker (and PCHex/PCHex++'s contributors) for their help.

Thanks to @Xenosaiga and ihaveamac for being the cia build.

Thanks to xerpi (and SF2D/SFTD/SFIL's contributores) for the graphic library.

Thanks to profi200 and other people on #3dsdev who helped me.

Thanks to smealum and yellows8 for the exploits and ctrulib.

Merci !

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you lose or corrupt your save by using this homebrew. It mays contain bugs even within the normal intended use. Use it at your own risk.

*ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP!* (Hold L while launching homebrew or/and use tvds/svdt/JKSM)

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