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Golang deep variable equality test that returns human-readable differences

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Deep Variable Equality for Humans

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This package provides a single function:

. It's like reflect.DeepEqual but much friendlier to humans (or any sentient being) for two reason:
  • deep.Equal
    returns a list of differences
  • deep.Equal
    does not compare unexported fields (by default)

is good (like all things Golang!), but it's a game of Hunt the Wumpus. For large maps, slices, and structs, finding the difference is difficult.

doesn't play games with you, it lists the differences:
package main_test

import ( "testing" "" )

type T struct { Name string Numbers []float64 }

func TestDeepEqual(t *testing.T) { // Can you spot the difference? t1 := T{ Name: "Isabella", Numbers: []float64{1.13459, 2.29343, 3.010100010}, } t2 := T{ Name: "Isabella", Numbers: []float64{1.13459, 2.29843, 3.010100010}, }

if diff := deep.Equal(t1, t2); diff != nil {


$ go test
--- FAIL: TestDeepEqual (0.00s)
        main_test.go:25: [Numbers.slice[1]: 2.29343 != 2.29843]

The difference is in

: the two values aren't equal using Go

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