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Go 语言汉字转拼音工具

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汉语拼音转换工具 Go 版。



go get -u

Install CLI tool:

go get -u
$ pinyin 中国话
zhōng guó huà 

$ pinyin -s zhao 中国话 zhong guo hua


package main

import ( "fmt"




var test = 西雅图都会区; 长夜漫漫, winter is coming!

func main() { args := gpy.Args{ Style: gpy.Tone, Heteronym: true}

py := gpy.Pinyin(test, args)
fmt.Println("gpy:", py)

s := gpy.ToString(py)
fmt.Println("gpy string:", s)

go func() {
    fmt.Println("gpy phrase1:", phrase.Paragraph(test))
fmt.Println("gpy phrase2:", phrase.Paragraph(test))

seg := gse.New("zh, dict.txt")
// phrase.DictAdd["都会区"] = "dū huì qū"
phrase.AddDict("都会区", "dū huì qū")

fmt.Println("gpy phrase:", phrase.Paragraph(test, seg))
fmt.Println("pinyin: ", phrase.Pinyin(test))
fmt.Println("Initial: ", phrase.Initial("都会区"))


package main

import ( "fmt"



func main() { hans := "中国话"

// 默认
a := gpy.NewArgs()
fmt.Println(gpy.Pinyin(hans, a))
// [[zhong] [guo] [hua]]

// 包含声调
a.Style = gpy.Tone
fmt.Println(gpy.Pinyin(hans, a))
// [[zhōng] [guó] [huà]]

// 声调用数字表示
a.Style = gpy.Tone2
fmt.Println(gpy.Pinyin(hans, a))
// [[zho1ng] [guo2] [hua4]]

// 开启多音字模式
a = gpy.NewArgs()
a.Heteronym = true
fmt.Println(gpy.Pinyin(hans, a))
// [[zhong zhong] [guo] [hua]]
a.Style = gpy.Tone2
fmt.Println(gpy.Pinyin(hans, a))
// [[zho1ng zho4ng] [guo2] [hua4]]

fmt.Println(gpy.LazyPinyin(hans, gpy.NewArgs()))
// [zhong guo hua]

fmt.Println(gpy.Convert(hans, nil))
// [[zhong] [guo] [hua]]

fmt.Println(gpy.LazyConvert(hans, nil))
// [zhong guo hua]


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