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React Plugin to fit text on the screen

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React Fit text

This component is a port of the famous fit text plugin for jQuery to use with React.

This component is 100% jQuery Free.



Simply wrap your text component inside

// In your React component

var ReactFitText = require('react-fittext'); ...

Testing React Fittext

and you're good to go!

If you want to see a live demo of this component, you can check the homepage.


There are few options you can send to the component to modify it default behaviour:

  • compressor: you can tweak this variable to increase / decrease the font-size. Default is 1.
  • minFontSize: the minimun font size (in px) this component should use.
  • maxFontSize: the maximum font size (in px) this component should use.

Issues / PR

If you found any issue with this component, please report it.

If you want to improve the code, feel free to create a PR!


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