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A very neat and simple starter kit for an angular2/4/5 MEAN app.

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angular 4 mean starter

This is a very neat and simple starter kit for an angular 4 MEAN SPA applications. Obviously this won't be perfect for every situation, but I found this really necessary to overcome the fear of the scary blank project and to discover some best practices on how to structure a project. Anyway it shouldn't be too hard to expand it to fit your needs.


  1. Clone this repo:
    git clone
  2. cd
    into the folder of the repo you just cloned
  3. Install npm dependencies
    npm install
  4. Start a MongoDB instance
  5. You're ready to go, give
    npm run start
    to test the application

Built-in scripts

  • npm start
    - Launch development server of Angular Cli and server.js node app through nodemon for live restart
  • npm run build
    - Build the ng project into the dist folder. In production you will just start the server.js file
  • You can define other scripts in package.json based on the available commands provided by angular-cli

What's in here (the stack)


  • Node.js (you don't say)
  • Express 4
  • Mongoose to handle MongoDB connections


  • Angular 4 + Angular Material
  • Angular Cli
  • TypeScript

Development modules

  • Nodemon for live server restart
  • Concurrently for running and handling multiple npm packages
  • Morgan as logging library
  • Angular-cli to handle all the angular stuff


I would be really happy to have some contributions, advices or anything else you can bring in to improve this starter.


If you want to submit your own project developed with this starter kit, just open a Pull Request and edit this Readme with the link to your repo.

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