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🔴 Beautiful colour gradients for design and code

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uiGradients is a community contributed collection of beautiful multi-color gradients



This is an effort to give back to the community, by the community. Hopefully this will help you draw inspiration and serve as a resource for picking gradients for your own projects.



Adding a gradient to the library is super simple. All the gradients are loaded and rendered from a single

file in the root.

To add your gradient, fork this repository, add your gradient colors in the HEX format along with a name to the end of the json file and submit a pull request. Don't forget the commas!

      "name": "Career",
      "colors": ["#cb202d", "#dc1e28", "#3366cc"]

NOTE - Please keep gradient submissions and bug fixes in separate PRs.


Improvements and Bugs

Please feel free to open a new issue here with your suggestions or any bugs which you may have come across.



While there is no official api, all the gradients are present in the

file. The code below is an example of fetching the data via a CURL request
curl -i https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ghosh/uiGradients/master/gradients.json


Built with uiGradients

A few open source projects built with uiGradients - UIColor-uiGradientsAdditions - uiGradients for iOS - NilColorKit - uiGradients made for swift - uigradients - Styled components for uiGradients - uigradients-scss - uiGradients ported to scss - helper-uigradient - Handlebar helper for uiGradients - Uigradients iOS Viewer - Open source iOS app for viewing gradients - Potion - React components for declaratively composing animated, interactive visualizations - Randient - Randomised, radient gradients for iOS. - RandomGradient - Radomised gradients via json api






A little project by @i_ghosh

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