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Implementation of the Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG) using PyTorch

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Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient on PyTorch


The is the implementation of

Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient 
_ (DDPG) using
. Part of the utilities functions such as replay buffer and random process are from
repo. Contributes are very welcome.


  • Python 3.4
  • PyTorch 0.1.9
  • OpenAI Gym 


  • Training : results of two environment and their training curves:

    • Pendulum-v0

    .. code-block:: console

    $ ./ --debug

    .. image:: output/Pendulum-v0-run0/validate_reward.png :width: 800px :align: left :height: 600px :alt: alternate text * MountainCarContinuous-v0

    .. code-block:: console

    $ ./ --env MountainCarContinuous-v0 --validate_episodes 100 --max_episode_length 2500 --ou_sigma 0.5 --debug

    .. image:: output/MountainCarContinuous-v0-run0/validate_reward.png :width: 800px :align: left :height: 600px :alt: alternate text

  • Testing :

.. code-block:: console

$ ./ --mode test --debug


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