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Tool to build a relocatable GHC for Mac OS X

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The easy way to install Haskell on Mac!

Want to try Haskell on your Mac without having to use homebrew or even install anything globally? Download a self-contained GHC release here!

What it includes

  • GHC 7.10.3
  • cabal-install (just the binary)
  • stack (just the binary)
  • HTML documentation
  • man pages


To build from this repository you will need an existing installation of GHC such as the self-contained release above.


will take care of satisfying any dependencies you might need except for Xcode. It leverages
to do everything.

Minimal (no GUI helper)

This will build a relocatable in ./dist/build using the binaries of GHC and stack from GitHub. cabal will be built from stack lts-5.4. This does not include the GUI helper.


$ make

To clean up:

$ rm -rf ./dist/

Add this GHC to your PATH (assuming it has moved to /Applications):

export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$HOME/.cabal/bin:/Applications/$PATH

Full (GUI helper with code signing)


$ (cd GHC; xcodebuild)

Will produce a signed release build at

, if you have setup a signing identity with a Developer ID certificate.

If for some reason there is no icon, first a few obsceneties about Xcode under your breath, and then do a clean build like this:

$ (cd GHC; xcodebuild clean build)


  • Watch app bundle to see if it moves
  • Help people get out of cabal hell?
  • Pre-install some packages?
  • Make placeholders for GHC that work like xcodeselect?
  • Add shell autocompletion for stack

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