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Official Sentry SDKs for Javascript

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Official Sentry SDKs for JavaScript

This is the next line of Sentry JavaScript SDKs, comprised in the

namespace. It will provide a more convenient interface and improved consistency between various JavaScript environments.


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Supported Platforms

For each major JavaScript platform, there is a specific high-level SDK that provides all the tools you need in a single package. Please refer to the README and instructions of those SDKs for more detailed information:

  • @sentry/browser
    : SDK for Browsers, including integrations for React, Angular, Ember, Vue and Backbone
  • @sentry/node
    : SDK for Node, including integrations for Express, Koa, Loopback, Sails and Connect
  • @sentry/react-native
    : SDK for React Native with support for native crashes
  • @sentry/integrations
    : Pluggable integrations that can be used to enhance JS SDKs
  • @sentry/electron
    : SDK for Electron with support for native crashes
  • sentry-cordova
    : SDK for Cordova Apps and Ionic with support for native crashes
  • raven-js
    : Our old stable JavaScript SDK, we still support and release bug fixes for the SDK but all new features will be implemented in
    which is the successor.
  • raven
    : Our old stable Node SDK, same as for
    we still support and release bug fixes for the SDK but all new features will be implemented in
    which is the successor.

Installation and Usage

To install a SDK, simply add the high-level package, for example:

npm install --save @sentry/browser
yarn add @sentry/browser

Setup and usage of these SDKs always follows the same principle.

import { init, captureMessage } from '@sentry/browser';

init({ dsn: 'DSN', // ... });

captureMessage('Hello, world!');

Other Packages

Besides the high-level SDKs, this repository contains shared packages, helpers and configuration used for SDK development. If you're thinking about contributing to or creating a JavaScript-based SDK, have a look at the resources below:

  • @sentry/tracing
    : Provides Integrations and extensions for Performance Monitoring / Tracing
  • @sentry/hub
    : Global state management of SDKs
  • @sentry/minimal
    : Minimal SDK for library authors to add Sentry support
  • @sentry/core
    : The base for all JavaScript SDKs with interfaces, type definitions and base classes.
  • @sentry/utils
    : A set of helpers and utility functions useful for various SDKs.
  • @sentry/types
    : Types used in all packages.

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