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A Sentry SDK for Java, Android and other JVM languages.

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Sentry SDK for Java and Android

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Useful links and docs

Current Javadocs generated from source code.

Java SDK version 1.x can still be found here.

Migration page from sentry-android 1.x and 2.x to sentry-android 4.x.

Migration page from sentry 1.x to sentry 4.x.

Releases from sentry-android 2.x and its changelogs.

Sentry Android Gradle Plugin repo sits on another repo

Blog posts

New Android SDK How-to.

Adding Native support to our Android SDK.

How to use Sentry Attachments with Mobile Applications.

Performance Monitoring for Android Applications.

Close the Loop with User Feedback.


Sample App. with Sentry Android SDK and Sentry Gradle Plugin.

Sample App. with Sentry Java SDK.

Sample for Development.


This repository includes

as a git submodule. To build against

checked-out elsewhere in your file system, create a symlink
that points to your
directory. For example, if you had
checked-out in a sibling directory to this repo:

ln -s ../../sentry-native sentry-android-ndk/sentry-native-local

which will be picked up by

and used instead of the git submodule. This directory is also included in
not to be shown as pending changes.

Sentry Self Hosted Compatibility

Since version 3.0.0 of this SDK, Sentry version >= v20.6.0 is required. This only applies to on-premise Sentry, if you are using no action is needed.


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