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The official Sentry SDK for Electron

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Official Sentry SDK for Electron

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  • Captures Node errors in the main process (using
  • Captures JavaScript errors in renderer processes (using
  • Captures native crashes (Minidump crash reports) from renderers and the main process
  • Collects breadcrumbs and context information along with events across renderers and the main process
  • Support
    version >=


To use this SDK, call

as early as possible in the entry modules in the main process as well as all renderer processes or further sub processees you spawn. This will initialize the SDK and hook into the environment. Note that you can turn off almost all side effects using the respective options.
import { init } from '@sentry/electron';

init({ dsn: 'DSN', // ... });

To set context information or send manual events, use the exported functions of

. Note that these functions will not perform any action before you have called
import * as Sentry from '@sentry/electron';

// Set user information, as well as tags and further extras Sentry.configureScope(scope => { scope.setExtra('battery', 0.7); scope.setTag('user_mode', 'admin'); scope.setUser({ id: '4711' }); // scope.clear(); });

// Add a breadcrumb for future events Sentry.addBreadcrumb({ message: 'My Breadcrumb', // ... });

// Capture exceptions, messages or manual events Sentry.captureMessage('Hello, world!'); Sentry.captureException(new Error('Good bye')); Sentry.captureEvent({ message: 'Manual', stacktrace: [ // ... ], });

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