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A static website and blog generator

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Nikola, a Static Site and Blog Generator

In goes content, out comes a website, ready to deploy.

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Why Static Websites?

Static websites are safer, use fewer resources, and avoid vendor and platform lock-in. You can read more about this in the

Nikola Handbook

What Can Nikola Do?

It has many features, but here are some of the nicer ones:

  • Blogs, with tags, feeds, archives, comments, etc.
  • Themable
  • Fast builds, thanks to
  • Flexible, extensible via the dozens of
    available plugins
  • Small codebase (programmers can understand all of Nikola core in a day)
  • reStructuredText
    _ or Markdown as input language (also Wiki, BBCode, Textile, and HTML)
  • Easy
    image galleries
    _ (just drop files in a folder!)
  • Syntax highlighting for almost any programming language or markup
  • Multilingual sites,
    translated to 50 languages.
  • Doesn't reinvent wheels, leverages existing tools.
  • Python 3.5+ compatible.

.. Nikola Handbook: _ .. Themable: .. _doit: .. _available plugins: .. _reStructuredText: .. _image galleries: _

Nikola Architecture

.. image::

Installation Instructions

Assuming you have pip installed::

pip install Nikola

For optional features::

pip install "Nikola[extras]"

For tests::

pip install "Nikola[extras,tests]"

For more information, see

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