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JavaScript utility for RFC 6570: URI Templates

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URI Templates (RFC6570) in JavaScript, including de-substitution.

It is tested against the official test suite, including the extended tests.

The "de-substitution" extracts parameter values from URIs. It is also tested against the official test suite (including extended tests).


In Node:

var uriTemplates = require('uri-templates');
var template1 = uriTemplates("/date/{colour}/{shape}/");

In browser:

var template2 = new UriTemplate("/prefix/{?params*}");

Substitution using an object

// "/categories/green/round/"
var uri1 = template1.fill({colour: "green", shape: "round"});

// "/prefix/?a=A&b=B&c=C var uri2 = template2.fillFromObject({ params: {a: "A", b: "B", c: "C"} });

Substitution using a callback

// "/categories/example_colour/example_shape/"
var uri1b = template1.fill(function (varName) {
    return "example_" + varName;

Guess variables from URI ("de-substitution")

var uri2b = "/prefix/?beep=boop&bleep=bloop";
var params = template2.fromUri(uri2b);
        params: {
            beep: "boop",
            bleep: "bloop"

While templates can be ambiguous (e.g.

), it will still produce something that reconstructs into the original URI.

It can handle all the cases in the official test suite, including the extended tests:

var template = uriTemplate("{/id*}{?fields,token}");

var values = template.fromUri("/person/albums?fields=id,name,picture&token=12345"); /* { id: ["person", 'albums"], fields: ["id", "name", "picture"], token: "12345" } */


This project is released as public-domain. Anybody can modify or re-license it for any purpose, without restriction.

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