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What pybingwallpaper does

Download the wallpaper offered by and set it current wallpaper background.

Another project for the same purpose but download from National Geographic can be found here

Auto startup


Download installer from releases page and install it.

**Note: Please backup the `settings.conf` under the installation path before upgrading!**


A shortcut will be created in your startup folder. You can edit the configuration to adjust features.

Linux with Gnome

You just need to add a startup application:


then add a startup program with:

Name: pybingwallpaper
Command: python3 /path/to/pybingwallpaper/src/ -b
Comment: download and update wallpaper!

You can also append arguments in Command box.


usage: pybingwallpaper [-h] [-v] [--config-file CONFIG_FILE]
                       [--generate-config] [-b] [--foreground]
                       [-c {au,br,ca,cn,de,fr,jp,nz,us,uk,auto}]
                       [--market MARKET] [-d] [-i INTERVAL] [-k]
                       [-m {prefer,collect,highest,insist,manual,never}]
                       [--collect COLLECT] [--image-size IMAGE_SIZE]
                       [-o OFFSET] [--proxy-server PROXY_SERVER]
                       [--proxy-port PROXY_PORT]
                       [--proxy-username PROXY_USERNAME]
                       [--proxy-password PROXY_PASSWORD] [--redownload]
                       [-s {no,win,gnome2,gnome3}] [--setter-args SETTER_ARGS]
                       [-t OUTPUT_FOLDER] [--database-file DATABASE_FILE]
                       [--database-no-image] [--server {global,china,custom}]
                       [--custom-server CUSTOMSERVER]

Download the wallpaper offered by and set it current wallpaper background.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -v, --version show version information --config-file CONFIG_FILE 'specify configuration file, use settings.conf in installation directory by default. --generate-config generate a configuration file containing arguments specified in command line and exit. to generate default config file, issue without other command arguments. path and name of configuration file can be specified with --config-file -b, --background work in background (daemon mode) and check wallpaper periodically (interval can be set by --interval). --foreground force working in foreground mode to cancel the effect of background in config file. -c {au,br,ca,cn,de,fr,jp,nz,us,uk,auto}, --country {au,br,ca,cn,de,fr,jp,nz,us ,uk,auto} select country code sent to in different countries may show different backgrounds. au: Australia br: Brazil ca: Canada cn: China de:Germany fr: France jp: Japan nz: New Zealand us: USA uk: United Kingdom auto: select country according to your IP address (by Note: only China(cn), New Zealand(nz) and USA(us) have high resolution (1920x1200) wallpapers; the rest offer 1366x768 only. --market MARKET specify market from which the wallpaper should be downloaded. Market is a more generic way to specify language-country of The list of markets may grow sometimes, and different language of the same country may have different image, so consider using it instead of country. Market code should be specified in format 'xy-ab' such as en-us. Note: specify this parameter will override any settings to --country. -d, --debug enable debug outputs. The more --debug the more detailed the log will be -i INTERVAL, --interval INTERVAL interval between each two wallpaper checkings in unit of hours. applicable only in background mode. at lease 1 hour; 2 hours by default. -k, --keep-file-name keep the original filename. By default downloaded file will be renamed as 'wallpaper.jpg'. Keep file name will retain all downloaded photos -m {prefer,collect,highest,insist,manual,never,uhd}, --size-mode {prefer,collect,highest,insist,manual,never,uhd} set selecting strategy when wallpapers in different size are available (4K, 1920x1200, 1920x1080 and 1366x768). prefer (default) detect and download the highest available resolution; insist always use 1920x1200 resolution and ignore other pictures (Note: some countries have only normal size wallpapers, if insist is adopted with those sites, no wallpaper can be downloaded, see --country for more); highest is an alias of prefer never always use normal resolution (1366x768); manual use resolution specified in --image-size collect is obsolete and only kept for backward compatibility, equals prefer mode together with --collect=accompany option. uhd insists using 4K resolution, or abort wallpaper downloading if it's not available. --collect COLLECT items to be collected besides main wallpaper, can be assigned more than once in CLI or as comma separated list from config file. currently accompany, video and hdvideo are supported. accompany - some markets (i.e. en-ww) offers two wallpapers every day with same image but different Bing logo (English and Chinese respectively). enables this will download both original wallpaper and its accompanyings. video - bing sometimes (not everyday) release interesting animated mp4 background, use this to collect them. hdvideo - HD version of video. --image-size IMAGE_SIZE specify resolution of image to download. check --size-mode for more -o OFFSET, --offset OFFSET start downloading from the photo of 'N' days ago. specify 0 to download photo of today. --proxy-server PROXY_SERVER proxy server url, ex: --proxy-port PROXY_PORT port of proxy server, default: 80 --proxy-username PROXY_USERNAME optional username for proxy server authentication --proxy-password PROXY_PASSWORD optional password for proxy server authentication --redownload do not check history records. Download must be done. downloaded picture will still be recorded in history file. -s {no,win,gnome2,gnome3}, --setter {no,win,gnome2,gnome3} specify interface to be called for setting wallpaper. 'no' indicates downloading-only; 'gnome2/3' are only for Linux with gnome; 'win' is for Windows only. Customized setter can be added as dev doc described. Default: win for win32, gnome3 for Linux --setter-args SETTER_ARGS arguments for external setters -t OUTPUT_FOLDER, --output-folder OUTPUT_FOLDER specify the folder to store photos. Use '~/MyBingWallpapers' folder in Linux, 'C:/Documents and Settings//MyBingWallpapers in Windows XP or 'C:/Users//MyBingWallpapers' in Windows 7 by default --database-file DATABASE_FILE specify the sqlite3 database used to store meta info of photos. leave it blank to disable database storage. --database-no-image images will be embedded into database by default. Exclude images from database can reduce the size of database file. --server {global,china,custom} select bing server used for meta data and wallpaper pictures. it seems uses different servers and domain names in china. global: use of course. china: use (note: use this may freeze market or country to China zh-CN) custom: use the server specified in option "customserver" --custom-server CUSTOMSERVER specify server used for meta data and wallpaper photo. you need to set --server to 'custom' to enable the custom server address.

Release Note

  • 2021-03-19 1.6.0

    • Support UHD resolution (#63)
    • highest
      mode is an alias of
  • 2019-04-30 1.5.5

    • Compatible with Bing's new URL format (accompany pictures this time, #55 #56)
  • 2019-03-15 1.5.4

    • Compatible with Bing's new URL format
  • 2016-04-06 1.5.1

    • Minor bug fix for Python 3.5 (#43)
    • Obsolete 1.5.0 due to MS Windows Defender raise (false) alarm on the installer (#44)
  • 2015-12-08 1.5.0

    • Can collect video now! (#34)
    • Decouple collect mode from market setting (#35)
    • Better compatibility with win 8 and higher (#31 and #40)
    • Avoid deleting collected wallpaper at uninstallation (#33)
  • 2014-09-08 1.4.4

    • Support configurable bing server address (#27)
  • 2014-04-18 1.4.4b01

    • Support download records database (#18), you can build you own bing album now.
  • 2013-12-24 1.4.3

    • Fix #13 enhance robustness of network connection status: retry in 60 seconds after network failure
    • Fix #14 download image with Chinese logo whenever a 1920x1200 picture is downloaded: add a collect mode, read use collect mode 使用收集模式 for more
    • Fix #15 use n=1 instead of n=10 for more backtracking room: change default n to 1
    • Fix #16 can't read settings.conf when run out of installation dir: read settings.conf from the same path of by default
  • 2013-12-24 1.4.2

  • 2013-12-21 1.4.1

    • Background mode bugfix
  • 2013-12-21 1.4.0

    • Use configuration file;
    • Support specify market
    • Support manually set picture resolution
    • Support downloading 1920x1080 images for pages without wallpaper link
  • 2013-09-24 1.3.0

    • supports high resolution wallpapers
    • change default checking interval to 2 hours
    • obsolete option
    • fix none type error when offset exceeds boundary issue #2
    • fix none type error when download picture fails issue #3

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