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OSC for p5.js with examples

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osc in p5.js

adapted from osc-web.


Install node

Clone this repo and run npm to get required libraries.

$ git clone https://github.com/genekogan/p5js-osc
$ cd p5js-osc/
$ npm install

Start node.

$ node bridge.js

Then run any of the sketches in a browser or from the editor. Can also be run locally (i.e. just open index.html).

Inside each sketch, when you run

you give it the input and output ports (default 3333, 3334).


Thanks Tega Brain for extended notes on the included applications.

There is a demo video of the included examples.

Examples: - Processing (needs oscP5) - Ableton Live (needs LiveOSC and KinectOSC) - FaceTracker (needs FaseOSC) - Kinect (needs KinectOSC)

Low-hanging fruits. - TouchOSC to control p5 from a phone/tablet

p5.js - arduino bridge

@lorenzoromagnoli made this into a standalone application using electron which bridges p5.js to arduino over OSC.

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