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This is a demo of my spring mvc project.

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This is a tutorial project of my spring mvc study, using spring 4.2.6.

To run this project, you should create a database called "springdemo", and import springdemo.sql into it.

If you want to watch the whole tutorial, you can go to Gaussic OSChina for more detail.

Better use the newest version of IntelliJ IDEA, JDK 1.8_x, and Tomcat 8.x.

If you've got any problems caused by this upgration, better look up the documents in Spring Framework Reference.

If you have any questions or opinions, you can create issues here. Thanks :)

There is also an old Spring 3.2.0 version of this tutorial here: See the spring3.2 branch

Welcome to visit my personal blog: Gaussic




如果需要查看完整的教程,请访问Gaussic OSChina

最好使用最新版本的 IntelliJ IDEA, JDK 1.8.x,还有Tomcat8.x。

任何由升级带来的问题,请查阅Spring Framework Reference

如果你有什么问题,或者宝贵的意见,可以在Issues中提出,我会及时回应。谢谢关注 :)

此外,还有一个旧的 spring 3.2.0 版本的项目:See the spring3.2 branch


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