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gateio Rest Api V2

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Rest API Introduction

Welcome to the Gate Rest API! You can use this API to get market data, trade, and manage your account.

Each API call is described in detail in the API2.0 English documentation

The API v2 version is no longer being updated and maintained, and we recommend that you use the latest API v4 version.

API Interface Address

* Access via proxy is not recommended for reasons such as high latency and poor stability.

Rate Limit


Create API Key

You can create the API Key at here.

API Keys includes the following two parts

Key : API key

Secret : The key used for signature authentication encryption

Write the requested API keys to the application configuration file.

// API settings, add your Key and Secret at here
$key = '';
$secret = '';

*When creating API Keys, you can choose to bind IPs, which can be set by IP whitelist (multiple IPs separated by half comma). *Note: Using the API Keys above will allow you to perform account information inquiries and trading operations through the program, but not withdrawal operations. Do not disclose the API Keys to others. *Create new API Keys: Generate new API Keys, the old ones will be invalidated immediately.

Request Format

All API requests are called as GET or POST. Getting market data is requested via GET, with all parameters in path parameters; for transaction and account data is requested via POST, and all parameters are sent in JSON format.

Return Format

All interface returns are in JSON format. The API2.0 document has JSON fields for request status and properties.

Error message

The system returns an error code corresponding to the description

Error Codes        Details
1                  Invalid request
2                  Invalid version
3                  Invalid request
4                  Forbidden access
5,6                Invalid sign
7                  Currency is not supported
8,9                Currency is not supported
10                 Verified failed
11                 Obtaining address failed
12                 Empty params
13                 Internal error, please report to administrator
14                 Invalid user
15                 Cancel order too fast, please wait 1 min and try again
16                 Invalid order id or order is already closed
17                 Invalid orderid
18                 Invalid amount
19                 Not permitted or trade is disabled
20                 Your order size is too small
21                 You don't have enough fund
40                 Too many attempts

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