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Blurme v.1.0 Codename MEH (My Eyes Hurt)

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blurme v1.0 Codename MEH (My Eyes Hurt) is a small script which will blur your feh set background if any window, or rofi is open. Furthermore there are some options, which allow you to change the default behaviour a bit. Read more about the options down below.

Please feel free to fork it, make pull requests and use it in your own projects.

This is my first project i publish. Please be gentle on me :)

How to start


  1. wmctrl: This script makes use of wmctrl to get the current workspace number and to clarify, whether any window is open. It's essential!
  2. feh: Furthermore you'll need feh to set your background image(s).
  3. imagemagick: And last but not least imagemagick is mandatory to blur the images

Download and ...

  1. Place it anywhere you like (e.g. ~/.scripts)
  2. Make it executable (chmod +x ~/.scripts/blurme)

How to run it

Manual start

Run it once in a terminal of your choice with ~/.scripts/blurme



Add the line "exec --no-startup-id ~/.scripts/blurme &" to your i3 config.


Add the line "sh ~/.scripts/blurme &" to ~/.xinitrc


Add the line "sh ~/.scripts/blurme &" to ~/.config/openbox/autostart


There are several optional arguments provided that may be used. These include:

  • -a: Add another program (process name), which will start the blur effect
  • -c: set custom directory for transition images (default: ~/.cache/blurme)
  • -d: Set custom directory (default: ~/.local/share/blurme)
  • -t: Set custom transition time in sec (default: 0.01)
  • -v: Show additional output (verbose)
  • -h: Show all these parameters

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