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Angular.js module for parallax goodness.

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AngularJS Parallax

Angular Parallax

angular-parallax is an AngularJS module for providing parallax-like functionality for DOM elements

Heavily inspired by stellar.js.


Check out the demo here.

Version Numbers

Getting Started

  • View the source
  • Include the script tag on your page after the AngularJS tag

  • Ensure that your application module specifies angular-parallax` as a dependency:

    angular.module('myApplication', ['angular-parallax']);
  • Use the directive by specifying a

    attribute on an element.

Detailed Documentation

angular-parallax accepts several attributes to customize the behavior of the directive; detailed instructions coming soon

Submitting Issues

If your issue appears to be a bug, and hasn't been reported, open a new issue. Providing the following information will increase the chances of your issue being dealt with quickly:

  • Overview of the Issue - if an error is being thrown a non-minified stack trace helps
  • Motivation for or Use Case - explain why this is a bug for you
  • Angular Parallax Version(s) - is it a regression?
  • Browsers and Operating System - is this a problem with all browsers or only IE8?
  • Reproduce the Error - provide a live example (using Plunker, JSFiddle, or CodePen).
  • Related Issues - has a similar issue been reported before?
  • Suggest a Fix - if you can't fix the bug yourself, perhaps you can point to what might be causing the problem (line of code or commit)

Here is a great example of a well defined issue:


angular-parallax is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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