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A simulator of civilizations evolution written in Clojure. By simulating migrations, language development, evolution of tribes, chiefdoms and nations, creation and destruction of settlements it builds a realistic world with a complete history. That history can be observed for fun or be used as base for future games.


Build Status

Clojars Project

Currently the simulation can be started with any number of bands (small groups of humans). During the turns they can: * evolve into tribe or chiefdoms * migrate towards better lands * settle new cities * develop languages * grow or perish * develop agriculture * change their lifestyle from nomadic to semi-sedentary or sedentary * split into separate groups * and so on... I am constantly improving the simulation

How to use it: related projects

The project generate civilizations evolving in worlds which can be generated using the world generator lands. To generate languages for the different civilizations it use the names generation library langgen. Lands and langgen are written Python and wrapped in Java using Jython. The wrapper is lands-java-lib.

The history files produced by civs can be explored using civs-browser.

Include it as a dependency


[civs "0.2.2"]


compile "civs:civs:0.2.2"



Dev guidelines

Use kibit and eastwood to verify code quality.

When runnng eastwood exclude the check for unlimited use of namespaces:

lein eastwood "{:exclude-linters [:unlimited-use]}"

Interesting links about human history and history simulation

world-js an attempt to show you a brief history of humankind via a simulation game.

A Brief History of Humankind a Coursera course on human history

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