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Analogue TV transmitter for the HackRF

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-[ HackTV - Analogue TV transmitter for the HackRF ]-


Generates a PAL, NTSC, SECAM*, D/D2-MAC video signal from a video file, stream or test pattern. Also supports older 819, 405, 240 and 30 line standards, as well as the NASA Apollo video standards, both colour and mono.

Input is any file type or URL supported by ffmpeg.

Output can be to a file, HackRF, fl2k-supported VGA adaptors or any SDR supported by SoapySDR.

It also supports:

  • Teletext (625-line only)
  • NICAM stereo audio
  • Videocrypt I/II/S hardware support
  • Partial Nagravision Syster hardware support
  • Analogue Copy Protection system, similar to Macrovision

  • SECAM support is very basic and won't produce a good image


  • There are no filters. Needed for proper audio and VSB modulation
  • An optional notch filter for the colour subcarrier would be nice


  • DVB or other pure digital signals
  • Bring back Firefly :(


Depends on libhackrf and various ffmpeg libraries.

  • For Fedora (with rpmfusion) yum install hackrf-devel osmo-fl2k-devel SoapySDR-devel ffmpeg-devel

  • For Debian and related apt-get update apt-get install libhackrf-dev libavutil-dev libavdevice-dev libswresample-dev libswscale-dev libavformat-dev libavcodec-dev

  • On Debian (sid) apt-get install hacktv


The hackrf is not designed to be connected directly to AV equipment and could be damaged by, or cause damage to, your receiver. Please ensure no DC voltages or control signals are sent back into the hackrf, and that the RF power levels out of the hackrf are not too high for your receiver.


make make install


Generate a file containing a PAL baseband signal from a video

$ hacktv -o baseband.bin -m pal example.mkv

Transmit a test pattern on UHF channel 31 (PAL System I), 47dB TX gain

$ hacktv -f 551250000 -m i -g 47 test

Transmit a test pattern with teletext

$ hacktv -f 551250000 -m i -g 47 --teletext demo.tti test

Download and transmit teletext pages from the Teefax service

$ svn checkout http://teastop.plus.com/svn/teletext/ teefax $ hacktv -f 551250000 -m i -g 47 --teletext teefax test

-Philip Heron [email protected]

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