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At.js for Vue.

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Docs is powered by At-UI.

  • [x] Chrome / Firefox / Edge / IE9~IE11
  • [x] Plain-text based, no jQuery, no extra nodes
  • [x] Content-Editable / Textarea
  • [x] Avatars, custom templates
  • [x] Vue2 / Vue1
  • [x] Vuetify / Element-UI
  • [ ] Vue-CLI 3 migration

See also: react-at


At.js is awesome, but:

  • It is based on jQuery and jQuery-Caret.
  • It introduces extra node wrappers.
  • It could be unstable on content edit/copy/paste.

Finally I ended up creating this.

npm i [email protected]  # for Vue2  

Using V-Model (Recommended)

With Content-Editable,

should be bound in
With Textarea,
should be bound in


npm i -S textarea-caret  # also, for textarea

Custom Templates

Custom List

Custom List with Vue 1.x

There is no "scoped slot" feature in Vue 1.
Use a "normal slot" with

attribute instead.

Custom Tags

This gives you the option of changing the style of inserted tagged items. It is only supported for ContentEditable version, not Textarea.

  {{ }}

Used with 3rd-party libraries

Vuetify v-textarea


Element-UI el-input


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