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Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for Push Notification

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Air Native Extension for Push Notifications (iOS + Android)

This is an Air native extension for sending push notifications on iOS and Android. It has been developed by FreshPlanet and is used in the game SongPop.

Push Notifications

On iOS devices, this ANE uses Apple Push Notification Services. On Android devices, it uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).


If your app is iOS-only, you can directly use the binary located in the bin folder (AirPushNotification.ane). You should add it to your application project's Build Path and make sure to package it with your app (more information here).

If your app supports Android, you need to compile the ANE with your own assets (status bar icon etc...). To do that, use the ant build script located in the build folder (build.xml):

cd /path/to/the/ane/build
mv build.config
# edit the build.config file to provide your machine-specific paths

You should also update your manifest with:


<!-- This app has permission to register and receive message -->
<uses-permission android:name=""></uses-permission>


    <activity android:name="com.freshplanet.nativeExtensions.NotificationActivity" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen"></activity>

    <receiver android:name="com.freshplanet.nativeExtensions.C2DMBroadcastReceiver" android:permission="">

        <!-- Receive the actual message -->
            <action android:name=""></action>
            <category android:name="INSERT.APP.ID.HERE"></category>

        <!-- Receive the registration id -->
            <action android:name=""></action>
            <category android:name="INSERT.APP.ID.HERE"></category>

    <!-- Local notification -->
    <service android:name="com.freshplanet.nativeExtensions.LocalNotificationService"></service>
    <receiver android:name="com.freshplanet.nativeExtensions.LocalBroadcastReceiver" android:process=":remote"></receiver>



and replace INSERT.APP.ID.HERE by your application id ( tag in your manifest).


// Register the device for a push notifications
// GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID is necessary only on Android and is your project's ID on GCM.
// On iOS, you can call the method with no parameter.

// Register for events PushNotification.getInstance().addEventListener(PushNotificationEvent.PERMISSION_GIVEN_WITH_TOKEN_EVENT, onPushNotificationToken); PushNotification.getInstance().addEventListener(PushNotificationEvent.NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED_WHEN_IN_FOREGROUND_EVENT, onNotificationReceivedInForeground); PushNotification.getInstance().addEventListener( PushNotificationEvent.APP_BROUGHT_TO_FOREGROUND_FROM_NOTIFICATION_EVENT, onNotificationReceivedInBackground); PushNotification.getInstance().addListenerForStarterNotifications(onNotificationReceivedStartingTheApp);

// Handle events function onPushNotificationToken(event:PushNotificationEvent):void { trace("My push token is: " + event.token); } // other event handlers also receive a PushNotificationEvent

Packaging final app for Android

When you build your final APK for Android, you need to update (patch) the AIRSDK you're using. First, make sure you download the latest build-tools (from the Android SDK manager). Then, patch your AIR SDK with the following command:

cp pathtoyourANDROIDSDK/build-tools/22.0.1/lib/dx.jar pathtoyourAIRSDK/lib/android/bin/dx.jar

Notes: * included binary has been compiled for 64-bit iOS support


This ANE has been written by Thibaut Crenn. It belongs to FreshPlanet Inc. and is distributed under the Apache Licence, version 2.0.

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