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Pull Requests Welcomefirst-timers-only FriendlyOpen Source HelpersSetup Automated's open-source codebase and curriculum is a friendly community where you can learn to code for free. It is run by a donor-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help millions of busy adults transition into tech. Our community has already helped more than 10,000 people get their first developer job.

Our full-stack web development curriculum is completely free and self-paced. We have thousands of interactive coding challenges to help you expand your skills.

Table of Contents

Certifications offers several free developer certifications. Each of these certifications involves building 5 required web app projects, along with hundreds of optional coding challenges to help you prepare for those projects. We estimate that each certification will take a beginner programmer around 300 hours to earn.

Each of these 30 projects in the curriculum has its own agile user stories and automated tests. These help you build up your project incrementally and ensure you've fulfilled all the user stories before you submit it.

You can pull in these test suites through freeCodeCamp's CDN. This means you can build these projects on websites like CodePen and Glitch - or even on your local computer's development environment.

Once you’ve earned a certification, you will always have it. You will always be able to link to it from your LinkedIn or résumé. And when your prospective employers or freelance clients click that link, they’ll see a verified certification specific to you.

The one exception to this is if we discover violations of our Academic Honesty Policy. When we catch people unambiguously plagiarizing (submitting other people's code or projects as their own without citation), we do what all rigorous institutions of learning should do - we revoke their certifications and ban those people.

Here are our six core certifications:

1. Responsive Web Design Certification

Projects: Tribute Page, Survey Form, Product Landing Page, Technical Documentation Page, Personal Portfolio Webpage

2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Projects: Palindrome Checker, Roman Numeral Converter, Caesar's Cipher, Telephone Number Validator, Cash Register

3. Front End Libraries Certification

Projects: Random Quote Machine, Markdown Previewer, Drum Machine, JavaScript Calculator, Pomodoro Clock

4. Data Visualization Certification

Projects: Bar Chart, Scatterplot Graph, Heat Map, Choropleth Map, Treemap Diagram

5. APIs and Microservices Certification

Projects: Timestamp Microservice, Request Header Parser, URL Shortener, Exercise Tracker, File Metadata Microservice

6. Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification

Projects: Metric-Imperial Converter, Issue Tracker, Personal Library, Stock Price Checker, Anonymous Message Board

Full Stack Development Certification

Once you have earned all 6 of these certifications, you'll be able to claim your Full Stack Development Certification. This final distinction signifies that you’ve completed around 1,800 hours of coding with a wide range of web development tools.

Legacy Certifications

We also have 4 legacy certifications dating back to our 2015 curriculum, which are still available. All of the required projects for these legacy certifications will remain available on

  • Legacy Front End Development Certification
  • Legacy Data Visualization Certification
  • Legacy Back End Development Certification
  • Legacy Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification

The Learning Platform

This code is running live at

Our community also has:

  • A forum where you can usually get programming help or project feedback within hours.
  • A YouTube channel with free courses on Python, SQL, Android, and a wide variety of other technologies.
  • A podcast with technology insights and inspiring stories from developers.
  • A Developer News publication, a free, open source, no-ads place to cross-post your blog articles.

Join our community here.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

If you think you've found a bug, first read the how to report a bug article and follow its instructions.

If you're confident it's a new bug and have confirmed that someone else is facing the same issue, go ahead and create a new GitHub issue. Be sure to include as much information as possible so we can reproduce the bug.

Reporting Security Issues and Responsible Disclosure

If you think you have found a vulnerability, please report responsibly. Don't create GitHub issues for security issues. Instead, please send an email to

[email protected]

and we'll look into it immediately.

We appreciate any responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities that might impact the integrity of our platforms and users. While we do not offer any bounties or swags at the moment, we'll be happy to list your name in our Hall of Fame for security researchers.


The community is possible thanks to thousands of kind volunteers like you. We welcome any and all contributions to the community and are excited to welcome you aboard.

Please follow these steps to contribute.

Platform, Build and Deployment Status

The general platform status for all our applications is available at [

]( The build and deployment status for the code is available in our DevOps Guide.


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