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A cross-platform 2D|3D game framework for the Nim programming language

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Home page and installation instructions

FRAG is a game creation framework being developed using the Nim programming language, and is currently in pre-alpha status. The immediate development focus for FRAG is supporting the creation of 2D mobile and desktop games. Console support is planned for post-alpha releases of FRAG.

Support for 3D is planned for post-alpha releases of FRAG.

Tested for Desktop on: - OSX Sierra v10.12.1 (OpenGL 3.3) - Arch Linux - Windows 10 (DirectX 11)

Tested for Android on: - Samsung Galaxy S6 (arm64-v8a, OpenGL ES 2.0)

Dependencies for Desktop: - Nim v0.16.1 - BGFX - SDL2 - SDL_image - Chipmunk2D (Optional)

Some technical details about FRAG:

  • Planned support for a multitude of rendering backends via BGFX
  • SDL2
  • Immediate Mode GUI via Nuklear



Hello World




Sprite Animation





Hello World

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