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A Minecraft cheat that runs as a Forge mod

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A Minecraft cheat that runs as a Forge mod.


  1. Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge for the corresponding ForgeHax Minecraft version (this is important if you want to run older versions of ForgeHax).
  2. Download the latest ForgeHax build by clicking the desired version badge shown above. Do NOT install the jar that ends with
    . That one contains the source code and isn't compiled.
  3. Place the ForgeHax jar into the
    directory. If you want to organize by Minecraft version, you can place it under
    is the version of Minecraft running (ex:
    ). NOTE: This is will not work for 1.13+ version! You can only put the mod jar in the
  4. Launch Minecraft using the Forge profile. ForgeHax should now be loaded.


If you need any help, please check the ForgeHax Wiki before submitting an issue.


ForgeHax uses Lombok to help eliminate boilerplate code and provide some useful features like extension methods. If you import ForgeHax into your IDE, make sure you install the Lombok plugin for your IDE. Otherwise, a lot of code maybe marked as errors when it is actually fine.

To build ForgeHax, you only need to run

./gradlew build
. Make sure gradle is run with JDK8. Newer versions of the JDK may not be supported by the javac plugin yet.

Common build issues

gradle build fails when IntelliJ IDEA is running / missing symbol error

Sometimes a fresh build will fail when IntelliJ IDEA is open. This is because the IDE has a file handle open on the javac plugin jar, and for some reason Lombok is unable to also read the jar at the same time. The result is that lombok will disable itself, which causes the entire build to fail with 'missing symbol' errors.

Fix: Close IntelliJ IDEA and run ./gradlew build from the terminal. The issue is probably just IntelliJ indexing a newly added jar. So once it's indexed, you can build with IntelliJ without any issues.


Read the FAQ on the wiki

Credit to Rain#4705 for the logo

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