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Monaco-based code editor which runs inside a browser.

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UNMAINTAINED (alternatively, try code-server)

Wcode is a rich code editor which runs inside a browser. It's totally inspired on Visual Studio Code, and also uses Monaco-editor as it's core engine for providing a rich experience. It is being developed with Node.js + Express + React.

It was born on a particular necessity of using such software on any kind of platforms, which is not the case of VSCode (only runs in x64 Desktop OSes), by taking inspiration on this article to produce some alternative kind of software to run in platforms like ChromeOS, Android, Raspberry PI, etc.


1. Installation

$ npm install -g wcode

2. Usage

$ wcode [options] [=.]

Options: -h, --help Show help -a, --addr Set the editor listening address [default:] -p, --port Set the editor listening port number [default: 9876] --headless Prevent local browser from open --ssl Configures SSL encrpytion -v, --version Show current version

Examples: wcode Open the project in the editor on current working directory wcode /path/to/project Open the project in the editor on default port wcode -p 8080 /path/to/project Open the project in the editor on port 8080 wcode --ssl path/to/keys /path/to/project Open the project with SSL in the editor on default port

3. Keyboard shortcuts

Combination Action
[ctrl + s] or [command + s] Save file
[ctrl + w] Close file
[alt + right] View the next file
[alt + left] View the previous file

4. Development

$ git clone
$ cd wcode && npm install

5. Running

npm start

Runs the application in the address http://localhost:9876. Wait a few seconds and the web application will be built and ready for using in the browser.

npm run build

Produce the production build.

npm test

Run the tests.

6. Contributing

PR's and issue reports are welcome. For further details, please read the terms at CONTRIBUTING.

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