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flux-web is used for manuall actions against flux api

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If you don't know what GitOps is then we highly encourage you to read Weavework blog and flux for the implemention.

flux-web is used for manual actions against flux's api: * list current workloads * dynamic namespaces overview * workload's version promotion or rollback


When using

our pipelines, or to be more precise, our Continues Deployments are fully automated and that's great. But, sometimes we would like to have more stable environments with fewer deployments and with more control, for example, production. That's mean we need to do some manual actions against
which have his own CLI tool

flux-web is intended to be the UI approach to this problem. With flux-web we can view at our workloads per namespace with their available versions and with a single click we can promote a workload or to perform a rollback.

Getting Started

The easiest way to deploy flux-web is with helm:

git clone [email protected]:flux-web/flux-web.git
cd flux-web/chart/flux-web
kubectl create ns flux
helm install . --name flux-web \
               --set namespace=flux
               --set frontend.env.API_EXTERNAL_URL=//
               --set frontend.env.WS_URL=wss://
Or, for an example we can deploy flux-web as readonly mode:
helm install . --name flux-web \
               --set namespace=flux
               --set frontend.env.API_EXTERNAL_URL=//
               --set frontend.env.WS_URL=wss://
               --set frontend.env.READ_ONLY=true

Deploying flux-web with



apiVersion: kind: HelmRelease metadata: name: flux-web namespace: flux spec: releaseName: flux-web chart: git: [email protected]:flux-web/flux-web.git path: chart/flux-web ref: master values: frontend: env: APIEXTERNALURL: // WS_URL: wss:// ingress: enabled: true hosts: - host: paths: - frontend: / - backend: /api - backend: /ws ```

Continued Development

Basically a roadmap.

Coming soon

  • filter workloads - ✓
  • scroll over workload's versions - ✓
  • readonly mode - ✓
  • turn on/off flux automation on a workload - ✓
  • features you'd like to see?

Maybe in the future, if people want it

  • user access and authentication

Probably in the future

  • select and release multiple workloads

Built With

  • beego - Backend framework
  • go - Programing language
  • vue.js - Frontend framework
  • nuxt.js - Giving vue.js the ability to do ssr
  • docker - Containerized with docker
  • helm - Packaged with helm


Code contributions are very welcome. If you are interested in helping make flux-web great then feel free!


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