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A collection of useful packages maintained by the Flutter team

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Flutter Packages

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This repo is a companion repo to the main flutter repo. It contains the source code for Flutter's first-party packages (i.e., packages developed by the core Flutter team). Check the

directory to see all packages.

These packages are also available on pub.


Please file any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the main flutter repo.


If you wish to contribute a new package to the Flutter ecosystem, please see the documentation for developing packages. You can store your package source code in any GitHub repository (the present repo is only intended for packages developed by the core Flutter team). Once your package is ready you can publish to the pub repository.

If you wish to contribute a change to any of the existing packages in this repo, please review our contribution guide, and send a pull request.


These are the available packages in this repository.

| Plugin | Pub | |--------|-----| | animations | pub package | | fuchsia_ctl | pub package | | gauge | pub package | | multicast_dns | pub package | | palette_generator | pub package | | pigeon | pub package | | xdg_directories | pub package |

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