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[DEPRECATED] Fluster, your simple search for roommates

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Roommates next door


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Fluster is a platform which aims to simplify the search for roommates and flatshares by using smart features 😃🎉

Fluster is a mobile application and a progressive web app build with Ionic, Angular and Cordova.


A few of the things Fluster offers:

  • Fluster recommends you flatshares fitting your needs
  • With Fluster, you could discover what are the lifestyle and hobbies of your future roommates
  • You like a place on Fluster? You could send instant viewing requests
  • Fluster take care of the calendar of your viewings
  • Fluster is free, open source and even publishing an ad about your room to let is free too

Third party services

Fluster use the following third party services:

  • Branch
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Google Analytics, Geolocation and Places
  • Sentry
  • Spotify
  • Yelp

Plugins and components spotlight

Beside the above mentioned stack, several awesome components and plugins are used in the Fluster mobile app. Thank to them, Fluster could offers several useful features:

Furthermore, this mobile app use also some other libraries I did publish as separate components:

  • ionic-swing use for the swipeable cards feature
  • web-photo-filer a web component to apply Instagram-like WebGL filters to photos
  • web-social-share a web component to share urls and content on social networks (use in the PWA version of the app)

These last two web components are build using Stencil.

Available for iOS and Android, mobiles or tablets, as a PWA and on the web.

Getting Started

Once you have cloned this repository and if you are looking to serve or build the application, you will have first to define your own third party keys in


The Fluster app is both a mobile app and a PWA. Handling these different targets is possible with the help of the Angular CLI. However some files, like

, aren't dynamic and therefore need to be modified before serve or build with the help of Gulp commands.

Debug locally

Serve the PWA connected with the staging server:

gulp proxy
ionic serve

Build mobile app

Build the iOS mobile Cordova app platform for the staging server:

gulp rmmockup
gulp staging
gulp cordova
ionic cordova build ios --prod -c staging

Build PWA

Build the PWA platform for the staging server:

npm run pwa-staging


Feel free to send me feedback on Twitter or file an issue. Feature requests are always welcome.


Follow Fluster on Twitter or Instagram.


Fluster is released under the GNU Affero General Public License. Copyright Fluster GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland. See COPYING for more details.

Fluster is developed by David Dal Busco.

The Fluster logo and some icons (icoman.svg and icowoman.svg) are a registered trademark of David Dal Busco, Zürich, Switzerland. Please contact me if you want to use the logo or these specific icons.

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