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Actively maintained LPMUD driver (LPC interpreter, MudOS fork)

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FluffOS is an LPMUD driver, based on the last release of MudOS (v22.2b14), includes 10+ years of bug fixes and performance enhancement, with active support.

FluffOS supports all LPC based mud with very little code changes. if you are currently still using MudOS somehow it is definitely time to upgrade!


The current release is v2019. With cmake based build system, it supports running on Linux/OSX/Windows(both WSL & msys2).

V2019 features includes: - Built in websocket support. - full UTF-8 aware LPC string & EFUNs, with transparent user input/output transcoding. - SHA512 crypt by default. - LPC Tracing

V2019 Platform Targets: - Linux Ubuntu 18.04 - MacOS OSX 10.15 - MSYS2/mingw64 on Windows 7+

The previous release is v2017. With an autoconf based build system, it supports compiling on centOS/ubuntu and under windows using CYGWIN. This release is no longer supported, it is kept only for historical interest now.

All previous MudOS and FluffOS releases are also kept in the code base as tags for historical reference.


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QQ support Group: 451819151 451819151

Gitter Support: Gitter

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Non-bundled platform dependencies includes: libevent, ICU4C, OpenSSL, Zlib etc.

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I would like to personal thank all the sponsors and contributors for showing their support. All donations are 100% used towards purchasing tools, equipments and hosting cost for FluffOS development and website and forum hosting.

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