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Picky is an easy to use and fast Ruby semantic search engine that helps your users find what they ar...

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h1. Picky

In use on: "laut.de":http://laut.de (radio channel search), "goodfil.ms":http://goodfil.ms, "cocoapods.org":http://cocoapods.org, "wadoku.eu":http://wadoku.eu, "twixtel.ch":http://twixtel.ch, "wilmaa.com":http://wilmaa.com, "paatle.com":http://www.paatle.com, and many more…

h2. The Ruby semantic text search engine.

  • "Main web site":http://pickyrb.com/
  • "Documentation":http://pickyrb.com/documentation.html
  • "Getting Started":http://pickyrb.com/
  • Ask questions in the "Picky Mailing List":http://groups.google.com/group/picky-ruby.
  • Tentacly tweets on "@pickyrb":http://twitter.com/pickyrb.
  • Find everything else in "the Picky Wiki":http://github.com/floere/picky/wiki.

h1. System Requirements

  • OSX / Linux
  • "Ruby 1.9":http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/downloads/
  • "Bundler Gem":http://gembundler.com/

for installing and managing Ruby versions, there are two projects: "rbenv":http://github.com/sstephenson/rbenv and "RVM":http://rvm.beginrescueend.com/.

h1. Installation

gem install picky picky-client picky-generators

h1. Getting Started

Please see the "Getting Started section":http://florianhanke.com/picky/getting_started.html on the "Picky website":http://florianhanke.com/picky.

h1. Working on Picky

h2. Installing all gems

./install REMOTE

h2. Running integration specs

./integration REMOTE

h2. Running other specs


h1. Help?

Right here. I'm happy to help! If something doesn't work, send/gist me your application.rb and I'll look into it.

"github (floere)":http://github.com/inbox/new/floere, "twitter (hanke)":http://twitter.com/hanke, "mail (gmail)":mailto:[email protected]

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