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The premier osquery fleet manager.

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Fleet is the most widely used open source osquery manager. Deploying osquery with Fleet enables programmable live queries, streaming logs, and effective management of osquery across 50,000+ servers, containers, and laptops. It's especially useful for talking to multiple devices at the same time.

Try Fleet

With Node.js, Docker, and Docker Compose installed:

# Install the Fleet command-line tool
npm install -g fleetctl
# Run a local demo of the Fleet server
fleetctl preview

A local copy of the Fleet server is now running at https://localhost:8412. The preview experience will start sample Linux hosts connected to this server.

Your first query

Ready to run your first query? Target some of your sample hosts and try it out: Screenshot of query editor


Fleet is independently backed and actively maintained with the help of many amazing contributors.

:tada: Announcing the transition of Fleet to a new independent entity :tada:

Please check out the blog post to understand what is happening with Fleet and our commitment to improving the product. To upgrade from Fleet ≤3.2.0, just grab the latest release from this repository (it'll work out of the box).


Documentation for Fleet can be found here on GitHub.



Please join us in the #fleet channel on osquery Slack.

Community projects

Below are some projects created by Fleet community members. Please submit a pull request if you'd like your project featured.

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