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Provides configuration for universal React/Relay apps.

By default we expect a graphql server to exist as a separate service. The default template will query for

{ viewer { id } }
but this is not required of the schema.


npm install -g create-react-app

create-react-app --scripts-version=git+ssh://[email protected]/firstlookmedia/react-scripts.git my-app cd my-app yarn update-schema yarn start


expects at least the following files:
src/index.js    # entry to the client-side app
server.js       # entry to the server
schema.graphql  # your graphql schema

The output will become:

build/server.js             # compiled server
build/manifest.json         # manifest pointing source files to compiled
build/assets/32f2q8fj3.js   # example compiled app
build/assets/2d0823jd.css   # any other compiled assets (css, images, fonts)

yarn start

Starts the development environment:

yarn build

Builds the production assets to the


yarn test

Runs jest tests.

will look for any file named

You will need

to use
yarn test
. To install on OSX
brew bundle
in this directory.

Persisted queries

By default, sites will not persist static queries. To enable persisted queries:

  1. add
    to all build circle configs
  2. add
    property to all build and deploy circle configs and point it to the s3 bucket where the site's queries live
  3. upgrade to the newest version of React scripts that has the
    fetcher methods
  4. install our forked version of relay compiler: contains the .tar.gz of the compiler and you refer to it like so in the

Note: persisted queries are always turned off during local development.

relay compiler

We are using a forked version of relay similar to what the artsy folks are doing. Hopefully, this fork will get merged into relay proper, at which point we won't need to do anything special to get persisted static queries to work. Until then, we will need to stick to relay version

and if we do need to upgrade we'll have to update our fork, rebuild the compiler, and release it. The artsy folks and others have done an excellent job of keeping this fork up to date with subsequent relay releases, so this should not pose much a problem. In fact, it would be great for us to help with merging upstream relay releases into the PR version on the relay repository if necessary.

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