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Git hook to automagically render .PSD files to images, allowing you to visually diff changes.

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psdiff uses git hooks and the lovely psd.rb library to automagically generate up-to-date image files from PSDs in the repository, allowing you to easily preview them and make use of github's image diff tools.

Diff Example Check out an example diff

[email protected] ~/dev/myproject
> $ git status


A mock.psd

[email protected] ~/dev/myproject > $ git commit -m "Add mock.psd"

psdiff: created mock.psd.png #

That's it!

Update: Github now supports PSD viewing!

Check it: Github Blog - PSD Viewing & Diffing

This tool will remain available as it still possibly has its uses outside Github.

How do I install this?

Glad you asked! Couldn't be easier. Just run this in the root of a git repo:


Here's what that script does:

  1. Scolds you if you don't have Ruby installed (it's required!)
  2. Checks if the
    gem is installed and allows you to install it if needed.
  3. Downloads the
    hook from this repo to your

Congrats! Any changes you make to psd files in the repository will now trigger psdiff!


It's not really a good idea to keep large PSD files in your repositories - this project is partially a proof-of-concept, and partially a helper for existing projects.

If you're a designer looking for a version control solution, check out LayerVault


This tiny library was developed by Filipe Dobreira and Gabriele Cirulli

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