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DDD CQRS ADR PHP Symfony example

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This is an example of implementation and my vision of practical CQRS, DDD, ADR, hexagonal architecture and directory structure. Project has entities

. All UI is the REST endpoints.

What is done

  • Hexagonal Architecture (
    directory for external endpoints)
  • CQRS (based on symfony messenger component command/query buses with middlewares)
  • DDD: directory structure (used sensiolabs-de/deptrac to control layers dependencies)
  • DDD: core bounded context
  • DDD: domain events implementation
  • DDD: example of specification in User entity that requires a db query

To do

  • Add another bounded context
  • Add anti-corruption layer for interaction between contexts

My assumptions

  • I placed entities public getters and private setters into the traits with *GS suffix to make entities a little bit clear (phpstorm tracks fine all references to entity classes) anyway you can put getters with setters in the same class
  • Unfortunately mysql has a poor performance with primary uuids. Of course prefer application generated uuid if database supports them.

How to install the project

  • bash dev
    - to setup .env.local docker/.env
  • make dc_up
    - docker-compose up
  • make setup_dev
    - composer install, migrations and so on
  • make run php bin/console app:create-user
    - create a user
    - api doc

Some words about docker

In project is used workplace container for code manipulations, CI or building. It was created for preventing of pollution of working containers (php-fpm) of unused in request, building tools like nodejs, composer, dev libs and so on. Also was created a local user based on host machine user PUID PGID to resolve conflicts with file permissions.

make dev
- jump into workplace container


make dev
//in container execute
make analyze


Used symfony messenger component to create transactional command bus, query bus and event bus. Query model represented by DTOs. Domain and Command layers are covered by unit tests.

├── Core (Core bounded context)
│   ├── Application
│   │   ├── Command
│   │   │   ├── AuthToken
│   │   │   ├── Task
│   │   │   └── User
│   │   ├── Query
│   │       └── Task
│   ├── Domain
│   │   └── Model
│   │       ├── Task
│   │       └── User
│   ├── Infrastructure
│   │   └── Repository
│   └── Ports
│       ├── Cli
│       └── Rest
└── Shared
    ├── Domain
    └── Infrastructure

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