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Domain-invariant Stereo Matching Networks

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Domain-invariant Stereo Matching Newtorks

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Great Generalization Abilities:

DSMNet has great generalization abilities on other datasets/scenes. Models are trained only with synthetic data:


Carla Dataset: updating ...

Building Requirements:

gcc: >=5.3
GPU mem: >=6.5G (for testing);  >=11G (for training, >=22G is prefered)
pytorch: >=1.0
cuda: >=9.2 (9.0 doesn’t support well for the new pytorch version and may have “pybind11 errors”.)
tested platform/settings:
  1) ubuntu 16.04 + cuda 10.0 + python 3.6, 3.7
  2) centos + cuda 9.2 + python 3.7

Install Pytorch:

You can easily install pytorch (>=1.0) by "pip install" to run the code. See this

But, if you have trouble (lib conflicts) when compiling cuda libs, installing pytorch from source would help solve most of the errors (lib conflicts).

Please refer to about how to reinstall pytorch from source.

How to Use?

Step 1: compile the libs by "sh" - Change the environmental variable ($PATH, $LDLIBRARYPATH etc.), if it's not set correctly in your system environment (e.g. .bashrc). Examples are included in "". - If you met the BN error, try to replace the sync-bn with another version: 1) Install NVIDIA-Apex package $ git clone $ cd apex $ pip install -v --no-cache-dir --global-option="--cppext" --global-option="--cudaext" ./ 2) Revise the "": add

import apex
change all

Step 2: download and prepare the dataset

download SceneFLow dataset: "FlyingThings3D", "Driving" and "Monkaa" (final pass and disparity files).

-mv all training images (totallty 29 folders) into ${your dataset PATH}/frames_finalpass/TRAIN/ -mv all corresponding disparity files (totallty 29 folders) into ${your dataset PATH}/disparity/TRAIN/ -make sure the following 29 folders are included in the "${your dataset PATH}/disparity/TRAIN/" and "${your dataset PATH}/frames_finalpass/TRAIN/":

15mm_focallength    35mm_focallength        A            a_rain_of_stones_x2        B               C
eating_camera2_x2   eating_naked_camera2_x2     eating_x2        family_x2          flower_storm_augmented0_x2  flower_storm_augmented1_x2
flower_storm_x2 funnyworld_augmented0_x2    funnyworld_augmented1_x2    funnyworld_camera2_augmented0_x2    funnyworld_camera2_augmented1_x2    funnyworld_camera2_x2
funnyworld_x2   lonetree_augmented0_x2      lonetree_augmented1_x2      lonetree_difftex2_x2          lonetree_difftex_x2       lonetree_winter_x2
lonetree_x2     top_view_x2         treeflight_augmented0_x2    treeflight_augmented1_x2    treeflight_x2   

download and extract Carla, kitti and kitti2015 datasets.

Step 3: revise parameter settings and run "" and "" for training, finetuning and prediction/testing. Note that the “cropwidth” and “cropheight” must be multiple of 48 (for "DSMNet") or 64 (for "DSMNet2x2"), "max_disp" must be multiple of 12 (for "DSMNet") or 16 (for "DSMNet2x2") (default: 192).

Pretrained models:

Updating ...


If you find the code useful, please cite our paper:

  title={Domain-invariant Stereo Matching Networks},
  author={Feihu Zhang and Xiaojuan Qi and Ruigang Yang and Victor Prisacariu and Benjamin Wah and Philip Torr},
  booktitle={Europe Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)},

@inproceedings{Zhang2019GANet, title={GA-Net: Guided Aggregation Net for End-to-end Stereo Matching}, author={Zhang, Feihu and Prisacariu, Victor and Yang, Ruigang and Torr, Philip HS}, booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)}, pages={185--194}, year={2019} }

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