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Unity package to help having a clearer Hierarchy view, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors.

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Unity Package - Custom Hierarchy for Unity

Hi, I’m Febucci and I’ve created this package to help having a clearer Hierarchy in Unity, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors.


You can install this package in two ways.

A) Package Manager (GIT Url)

The suggested way to install this package is through the Unity's Package Manager itself, via a GIT url. This way, you will be notified once new versions get released, and you will be able to download them directly from the Unity Editor.

-> The GIT url you need to add to the Package manager is the following (copy and paste it):

For more info on how to install custom packages from a GIT Url, please read here:

P.S. If you want, you can also use the GIT url from other branches or other forked repositories.\ Example with the "dev" branch:

B) Manual Install

You can also install this package manually, by copying the source files directly into your project's assets folder. (You'd have to do this every time there is a new update.)


After the installation, you must setup the package. 1. In Unity, head over the menu item "Tools/Febucci/CustomHierarchy/Initialize or Create", and if a prompt appears click yes. 2. The Custom Hierarchy is now activated and you can edit its related 'Settings' file (it gets selected every time you click on the previous menu item).


Small documentation page:

If you find this project useful, please let me know!!!\ I'd be super happy to see you taking part in it and sharing it around.


If you want to contribute:

  1. Fork the project:
  2. Create your own feature branch
  3. Commit your changes to GitHub
  4. Push to the branch
  5. Create a new Pull Request

More information about contributing here:


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  • Follow me on Twitter:
  • My plugin 'Text Animator for Unity':

Have a lovely day and hear you soon, cheers!

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