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Forgiving HTML and XML parser

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The fast & forgiving HTML/XML parser.


npm install htmlparser2

A live demo of

is available here.


| Name | Description | | ------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------- | | htmlparser2 | Fast & forgiving HTML/XML parser | | domhandler | Handler for htmlparser2 that turns documents into a DOM | | domutils | Utilities for working with domhandler's DOM | | css-select | CSS selector engine, compatible with domhandler's DOM | | cheerio | The jQuery API for domhandler's DOM | | dom-serializer | Serializer for domhandler's DOM |


itself provides a callback interface that allows consumption of documents with minimal allocations. For a more ergonomic experience, read Getting a DOM below.
const htmlparser2 = require("htmlparser2");
const parser = new htmlparser2.Parser({
    onopentag(name, attributes) {
         * This fires when a new tag is opened.
         * If you don't need an aggregated `attributes` object,
         * have a look at the `onopentagname` and `onattribute` events.
        if (name === "script" && attributes.type === "text/javascript") {
            console.log("JS! Hooray!");
    ontext(text) {
         * Fires whenever a section of text was processed.
         * Note that this can fire at any point within text and you might
         * have to stich together multiple pieces.
        console.log("-->", text);
    onclosetag(tagname) {
         * Fires when a tag is closed.
         * You can rely on this event only firing when you have received an
         * equivalent opening tag before. Closing tags without corresponding
         * opening tags will be ignored.
        if (tagname === "script") {
            console.log("That's it?!");

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