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Erlport wrapper for Elixir

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Erlport wrapper for Elixir.


Add export to your list of dependencies in

def application do
  [applications: [:export]]

def deps do [ {:export, "~> 0.1.0"}, ] end



defmodule SomeRubyCall do
  use Export.Ruby

def call_ruby_method do # path to ruby files {:ok, ruby} = Ruby.start(ruby_lib: Path.expand("lib/ruby"))

# call "upcase" method from "test" file with "hello" argument
ruby |> Ruby.call("test", "upcase", ["hello"])

# same as above but prettier
ruby |> Ruby.call(upcase("hello"), from_file: "test")

end end


defmodule SomePythonCall do
  use Export.Python

def call_python_method do # path to our python files {:ok, py} = Python.start(python_path: Path.expand("lib/python"))

# call "upcase" method from "test" file with "hello" argument
py |> Python.call("test", "upcase", ["hello"])

# same as above but prettier
val = py |> Python.call(upcase("hello"), from_file: "test")

# close the Python process
py |> Python.close()


end end

Thank you!

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