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Important security headers for Fastify

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Important security headers for Fastify. It is a tiny wrapper around helmet.


npm i fastify-helmet


Simply require this plugin, and the basic security headers will be set.

const fastify = require('fastify')()
const helmet = require('fastify-helmet')

fastify.register( helmet, // Example disables the contentSecurityPolicy middleware but keeps the rest. { contentSecurityPolicy: false } )

fastify.listen(3000, err => { if (err) throw err })

Content-Security-Policy Nonce

provide a simple way for
csp nonces generation
. You can enable this behavior by passing
{ enableCSPNonces: true }
into the options. Then, you can retrieve the

Note: This feature is implemented inside this module. It is not a valid option or supported by helmet. If you need to use helmet feature only for csp nonce you can follow the example here.

Example - Generate by options

  // enable csp nonces generation with default content-security-policy option
  { enableCSPNonces: true }

fastify.register( helmet, // customize content security policy with nonce generation { enableCSPNonces: true, contentSecurityPolicy: { directives: { ... } } } )

fastify.get('/', function(request, reply) { // retrieve script nonce reply.cspNonce.script // retrieve style nonce })

Example - Generate by helmet

    contentSecurityPolicy: {
      directives: {
        defaultSrc: ["'self'"],
        scriptSrc: [
          function (req, res) {
            // "res" here is actually "reply.raw" in fastify
            res.scriptNonce = crypto.randomBytes(16).toString('hex')
        styleSrc: [
          function (req, res) {
            // "res" here is actually "reply.raw" in fastify
            res.styleNonce = crypto.randomBytes(16).toString('hex')

fastify.get('/', function(request, reply) { // you can access the generated nonce by "reply.raw" reply.raw.scriptNonce reply.raw.styleNonce })

How it works

is just a tiny wrapper around helmet that adds an
hook. It accepts the same options of Helmet, and you can see more in the helmet documentation.



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