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FewX is an open-source toolbox on top of Detectron2 for data-limited instance-level recognition tasks.

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FewX is an open source toolbox on top of Detectron2 for data-limited instance-level recognition tasks, e.g., few-shot object detection, few-shot instance segmentation, partially supervised instance segmentation and so on.

All data-limited instance-level recognition works from Qi Fan (HKUST, [email protected]) are open-sourced here.

To date, FewX implements the following algorithms:


  • State-of-the-art performance.
    • FSOD is the best few-shot object detection model. (This model can be directly applied to novel classes without finetuning. And finetuning can bring better performance.)
    • CPMask is the best partially supervised/few-shot instance segmentation model.
  • Easy to use. You only need to run 3 code lines to conduct the entire experiment.
    • Install Pre-Built Detectron2 in one code line.
    • Prepare dataset in one code line. (You need to first download the dataset and change the data path in the script.)
    • Training and evaluation in one code line.


  • FewX has been released. (09/08/2020)

Results on MS COCO

Few Shot Object Detection

|Method|Training Dataset|Evaluation way&shot|box AP|download| |:--------:|:--------:|:--------:|:--------:|:--:| |FSOD (paper)|COCO (non-voc)|full-way 10-shot|11.1|-| |FSOD (this implementation)|COCO (non-voc)|full-way 10-shot|12.0|model | metrics|

The results are reported on the COCO voc subset with ResNet-50 backbone.

The model only trained on base classes is base model .

You can reference the original FSOD implementation on the Few-Shot-Object-Detection-Dataset.

Step 1: Installation

You only need to install detectron2. We recommend the Pre-Built Detectron2 (Linux only) version with pytorch 1.7. I use the Pre-Built Detectron2 with CUDA 10.1 and pytorch 1.7 and you can run this code to install it.

python -m pip install detectron2 -f \

Step 2: Prepare dataset

  • Prepare for coco dataset following this instruction.

  • cd datasets
    , change the
    in the
    to your data path and run
cd FewX/datasets

Step 3: Training and Evaluation


in the root dir. (This script uses
4 GPUs
. You can change the GPU number. If you use 2 GPUs with unchanged batch size (8), please halve the learning rate.)
cd FewX


  • [ ] Add other dataset results to FSOD.
  • [ ] Add CPMask code with partially supervised instance segmentation, fully supervised instance segmentation and few-shot instance segmentation.

Citing FewX

If you use this toolbox in your research or wish to refer to the baseline results, please use the following BibTeX entries.

    title={Few-Shot Video Object Detection},
    author={Fan, Qi and Tang, Chi-Keung and Tai, Yu-Wing},
    title={Commonality-Parsing Network across Shape and Appearance for Partially Supervised Instance Segmentation},
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Special Thanks

Detectron2, AdelaiDet, centermask2

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