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Sync your photos to flickr

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I don't maintain this project anymore since Google Photos provides unlimited high quality photos/videos storage for free

flickrsmartsync - Sync/backup your photos to flickr easily

flickrsmartsync is a tool you can use to easily sync up or down your photos in a drive/folder to flickr since now it has a free 1TB storage you can probably sync all your photo collection.


Simply run the following::

$ python install


$ pip install flickrsmartsync

Example Usage

Both run from source and command line have same parameters::

start uploading all photos/videos under that folder
$ flickrsmartsync
ignore videos for others use --help
$ flickrsmartsync --ignore-videos

start downloading all photos on flickr to that folder $ flickrsmartsync --download .

start downloading all paths starting with that path $ flickrsmartsync --download 2008/2008-01-01

Generate custom set titles from YEAR/MONTH/DAY folder hierarchy: $ flickrsmartsync --custom-set='(?:.*)((?:19|20)\d{2})/(\d{2})/(\d{2})' --custom-set-builder '{0}-{1}-{2}'

for direct python access $ python flickrsmartsync

Change log

0.2.02 (2017-02-11) * added --fix-missing-description option (thanks jruusu) * added --dry-run option (thanks jruusu)

0.2.01 (2015-02-17) * added --custom-set-debug for testing custom sets output * added --ignore-ext comma separated extensions to ignore

0.2.00 (2015-02-15) * Refactor code into sync, local and remote classes * Add test cases that do a limited test of each class in isolation * Add a sync-from=all command line option that allows a download of any remote file not on local, and upload of any local file not on remote as discussed in #22 * Add retries on uploads and downloads * Add a file extension on download if one doesn't exist * Incorporate pull request #32 which fixes #31 with slight changes * Thanks thomascobb

0.1.18 (2014-11-14) * browser-less authentication

0.1.17 (2014-08-12) * allow filtering files to upload by IPTC keyword (thanks ricardokirkner) * updated flickrapi 1.4.4

0.1.16 (2014-06-30) * flickr api changes use https

0.1.15 (2014-05-30) * monitor folder support (--monitor) (2014-05-18) * encoding bug (2014-04-15) * send script output to syslog for headless convience (thanks dahlb)

0.1.14 (2014-02-25) * added --starts-with param * added --version param * bug fix not uploading files properly

0.1.12 (2014-02-15) * added custom set title * character encoding bugs * skip failures

0.1.11 (2013-07-09)

  • added mts video
  • added folder utf8 encoding to avoid dups
  • added sorting for each folders

0.1.10 (2013-07-07)

  • sorted photo sets
  • ignore files > 1gb

0.1.9 (2013-06-28)

  • added --sync-path param

0.1.8 (2013-06-25)

  • ignore hidden folders/folders
  • added video support
  • added new params for skipping video/images

0.1.7 (2013-06-15)

  • added run from source

0.1 (2013-06-13)


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